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Engineering Culture Meets Lean Production

About US

Our mission is to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to new industries.

We are an AI engineering company with full stack implementation teams covering enterprise solutions, new products, and vertical innovation. Our U.S. based studios develop purpose-built intelligent systems without bogging down on AI research.

We are experienced at bringing computer vision, natural language, prediction, and decision autonomy to new domains.

Our story

SphereOI has been fielding cutting-edge intelligent solutions for over 20 years, touching almost every industry and domain. We work in healthcare, security, manufacturing, aerospace, supply chain, defense, agriculture, and more. Our consulting and outsourcing model started in the early 00’s developing big data architectures for government and industry. At our core, we apply Lean Production principles to the development of predictive analytics, data science, machine learning, and application software. For the past 7-years, our practice has emphasized neural-network engineering to activate the promise of AI.



Sphere of Influence staff in offices
Meet Our Team

Our Leadership

Theresa Smith

Driver of growth and corporate performance,
she also leads the company’s practices in
product design and software

Chris Kauffman

Champion of technical execution and delivery
across our AI, data science, and systems
engineering teams

Thad Scheer

Partner, Technology & Innovation
Industry advisor, consultant, and AI engineer.
Thad leads innovation and manages
external relationships

Sanda Klacar

Oversees daily operations from the business
office, covering finance, contracts,
facilities, and more.

Scott Pringle

Scott Pringle

EVP, Public Sector & Consulting
Leads the public sector business unit and
heads consulting services in digital
transformation, agility, and data science

Scott Love

Scott Love

Director, Creative
Directs the creative side, covering user
experience design, visual media, and

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