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SphereOI at AUSA with CyberWorld

SphereOI attended AUSA’s annual meeting and spoke in partnership with CyberWorld about new developments in cybersecurity and AI.

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Model drift can cost you. Just ask Zillow.

Model drift can cost you. Just ask Zillow. AI decision making may be the future for more effective business decisions. But when AI changes how it makes decisions, without anyone knowing – it can get you into a world of trouble. That is what likely happened with Zillow Offers where an AI algorithm overestimated the

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Test your AI for the real world

When field qualifying any AI system, one the most important questions is whether the model will perform well, or at least degrade gracefully (and safely), when exposed to real-world situations that differ from training. The reason you used AI in the first place, as opposed to some form of finite state automata, is because you need an economically tractable solution that generalizes to a wide spectrum of real-world situations.

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How Zillow could have avoided its $500M AI mistake

Trustworthy systems of any type, AI systems included, require us to understand the data and domain deeply enough to ensure that the data we have can support the decisions we need.

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Will I benefit from an independent model assessment?

3 minThe team has built an AI model and performance appears adequate. But there is a lot riding on the deployment. Do I need independent model test and evaluation? When is the cost justified? Many AI Engineering teams, especially newer ones, often fail to realize the many ways in which bias and performance limits can

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Is AI testing like software testing?

There’s much similarity between testing applied AI/ML (For brevity, I’ll just refer to these as “AI”) applications and traditional software[1]. Regardless of the vertical and the type of model and architecture, these similarities have worked in the industry’s favor as traditional software CI/CD processes and technologies have readily embraced AI applications with a plethora of

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Hourly rate or total cost

Last week, I searched online for IT outsourcing advice to see what I would find. It was an eye-opening experience to see the topic is dominated by one thing – hourly rates.