How to execute better AI Testing

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How to execute better AI Testing

Everyone struggles with AI Testing, the most important aspect of AI development. Webinar attendees will learn how to prevent embarrassing failures in the field.
Let’s up your AI testing game.

Our experts at SphereOI Studios have a long history of fielding novel AI systems. Our advice from the frontlines of AI development will put you on track to up your AI Testing game and avoid being one of the 85% of AI initiatives that fail to go from prototype to production.

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Thad Scheer, Partner

Thad is a AI engineering industry advisor with decades of experience fielding artificial intelligence systems. He is the lead AI industry analyst for SphereOI Studios where he also leads advanced innovation projects. Thad has advised many of the world’s top brands in AI strategy and execution. His role is to help clients leverage AI to accelerate business growth.

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